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Green Square Markets

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“Friendship is a natural and willing servant


Rotary South Sydney manages a unique and exciting Fresh Food and Artisan Market at Joynton Park in the Green Square Precinct.


Green Square is made up of a diverse community of cultures, lifestyles and family structures.  The Green Square Market (GSM) provides not only a great place to enjoy fresh food each week, there’s delicious cooked dishes, amazing sweets and exciting gifts and fashion.


The GSM provides:

  • opportunity for:
    1. residents: get to know each other, communicate face to face all in a relaxed and welcoming setting.
    2. small retailers, artisans, growers and solopreneurs: offer their products and services to the Green Square Community.
  • Special Entertainments:
    1. Live Music
    2. Kids Club
    3. Pet Competitions
    4. Twilight and Themed Events


About GSM Governance:

  • managed by the Rotary Club of South Sydney,
  • also supported by City of Sydney and South Sydney Business Chamber.

The Twilight and Themed Markets give back appreciation from Rotary and encourage the neighborhood spirit within the area.


The benefit of this great project:

  • Rotary will do what it does best
  • return the profits to the community through underwriting and supporting local initiatives, non-profit organisations, scholarships and school projects.


The mission of  “Profit With Purpose” is about spreading support to benefit the community.


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